Thursday, April 19, 2012

My storage for my Spectrum Noir pens

I have seen some wonderful ideas for storing Copics and Spectrum Noir Alcohol Pens over the past few weeks.    One idea was to use foam board to make a box, another to  use a cosmetic bag and cardboard,  and the other idea was for some little square boxes with an x in the center that I saw on the  Crafters Companion website.   I couldn't find the little boxes from the office store that Crafter's Companion shared but found these little boxes (slightly bigger than 5 x 5) at the dollar section in Target yesterday. I have also seen the same boxes at the office stores and dollar stores if you can't find them at Target.   
So I bought 4 of these and then took a piece of foam board and cut it to make dividers for my Spectrum Noir markers.  Each shelf is cut 5 inches x 4 inches and then the sides are cut at 4 x 3/4 inch.  I then glued the two  sides on each shelf piece with a glue gun.  Next each shelf and sides was placed in the box carefully to make 5 rows for my markers.  For all four baskets and the foam board on sale at Michaels this week it was only $5.   


  1. Looks wonderful - so nice and organzied and easily accessible. I carry mine in a large craft bag from J's. It has divided sections and then I added more to separate my color families. I don't have desk space or I'd jump on your idea. And, I have to carry mine to the classes that I teach so I need to keep them portable.

  2. Awesome idea Suzanne! Love it!! So organized and right at your finger tips! Well done my friend!!