Just Kitting Studio Items for sale

These kits are available at 

Just Kitting Studio 

300 Giant Oak Avenue 

 Suite E 

Newbury Park, California  


Phone 805-375-1568  www.justkittingstudio.com 
Price is listed plus shipping on all orders or pickup at store.

Maleficent $20.00

Hold on to the Memories $20.00

Mouse Memories Minnie $20.00

Magic Memories  $20.00

Mouse Memories Mickey $20.00
A Mad Tea Party Layout  $20.00
Magic Memories Layout $20.00
A Good Day to have a Good Day Layout G45 Typography  $18.00

Dr. Seuss Read $15.00

G45 Nursery Rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb $20.00

Twinkle, twinkle our little Star G45 Nursery Rhyme $20.00

G 45 Typography Write Your Story  $18.00

G45 Typography Create layout   $18.00
G45 Typography layout A Friend is a Friend $18.00

G45 Bird Song Chinese Arch  $18.00

G45 Bird Song Two Love Birds  $18.00

G 45 Bird Song Happiness Love Dream Harmony  $18.00

G 45 Bird Song Chinese Umbrellas  $18.00

Candy Shop $18.00

A Great Day for Fun  $16.00

Birthday $20.00

I Love Candy $18.00

Picture Perfect Photo Box  $35.00

I'm So Very Happy $15.00

Live Life Create layout  $15.00

Happy Birthday stripes $18,00

G45 Bird Song Beauty layout  $18.00

G45 Bird Song Butterfly layout  $18.00

G45 Bird Song layout  $18.00

Julie Nutting Die cuts Sweet and Sassy  $20.00
G45 Typography Mini Album  $30.00 

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