Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who says pictures are easy?

Have you ever tried to get a picture of three kids under the age of 2 at once?  With the results of two cameras this is the best shot of all three girls.  Hopefully camera number three got some good pics.  I love some of the progression to get this one picture and I thought you all might get a kick out of it too.  

So this is the best one of the three girls so far- Brittany 5 months, Kenzie 13 months and Katie 23 months. 
Katie who usually loves to pose for pics wants nothing to do with the whole thing.  
Kenzie who is now walking says forget it I am not sticking around here.  
So then we tried the big green chair.  Not much better!
So here sits Brittany the youngest posing with her new owl hat that auntie made her.  
Merry Christmas to all of you. 


  1. These are all so cute. Katie just was in the mood. next year it will Brittany who won't sit. I love all the pictures.

  2. Too funny... I tried to get 6 last summer together.... it was a nightmare. I know why we have professional photographers!

  3. LOL...Honey I hear ya!!! They are still adorable! I have five boys and I can't get a photo of them without someone trying to kill their brother....and mine are all MUCH older.....LOL

  4. I feel your pain with the picture taking. Yes I have tried to take pictures of four kids 3 and under. Not easy. Yours are adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comments. You are appreciated. ~ Abby