Saturday, December 17, 2011

300 Roses and lots of Dr. Pepper

I have been going rose crazy making the spiral roses from Art Philosophy.  I cut the spirals at 2.75 so that I get 16 on a page.  I am using  double sided Christmas paper I had left from last year.  This last week I made over 300 roses to cover wood letters and make a wreath for Christmas presents.  No straw or  foam wreaths at my M's so I used a wire frame and covered it with gold ribbon. 


  1. This is stunning! I think I would have needed a whole of Dr Pepper to make it though! They're just beautiful!

  2. Alot of hard work payed off, your wreath and letters are beautiful. Something very nice to hang on the wall or even a wedding gift...Merry Christmas

  3. Wow, that is a lot of roses my friend!! But all your hard work sure did pay off because your wreaths and letters look fabulous!!!