Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CWC What You Did This Summer?- The Good, the bad and the ugly

Hello everyone its time for  a new challenge at Cooking with Cricut.  This week the challenge is - 
What Did You Do This Summer?  Create a Vacation/Summer themed scrapbook layout.

I am giving my Summer the title of 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For the good I entered 17 layouts and 11 other paper made items in the County Fair this year. Everyone of my projects one a ribbon. I also got hired by the local Scrapbook store to teach classes. I taught two last month and have 5 more scheduled and the classes are filling up fast.

So now for the Bad 

Well I am going to be honest with you I didn't go on any vacation this Summer.
The ruin of my "Summer Fun" actually started in mid April.
We decided to have our bathroom remodeled this Summer.
We picked out cabinets, tile, colors, mirrors, had plans drawn and were very excited.

We hired a contractor that we have know for 7 years and we have always had great luck with. After three months of excuses and lies we realized we had a big problem. So when I started this layout I thought I actually would have these lovely pictures to put on my layout showing my wonderful new spa like bathroom. However what do I have? One big torn apart bathroom.
So how did I finish my Summer -
We have had to hire a lawyer and feel out tons of paper work to bond company, State License and Better Business in hopes of getting some of our money back. For now we can't proceed until the Bond company comes out to see everything.
So for my layout here is my two pages for my pics that I hope someday to be able to share with everyone.  
  Our Remodel title from Handyman cut at 2 inches
Ladder cut at 5 inches 

Hammer cut at 4 inches 
Paint Can and brush cut at 3 inches 

And the Ugly this is what my bathroom looks like.  Lovely, isn't it?  

Reminder- Blog Candy 
Starting August 18th through August 31th I am going to draw one lucky winner by who leaves a comment and is a follower of my blog for a $10  Gift Card to Michaels.  
I will also draw one lucky new follower for a goody bag.  I now have 603 followers which is amazing to me. 
So thank you all!
Please join us for the challenge this week at CWC .  I would love to see your Vacation/Summer themed layouts and live vicariously through all of you.  LOL Don't forget to link up to CWC by  Tuesday.


  1. Congrats on your lovely wins! Sorry to hear about the bathroom mess that would be horrible my bathroom is in the same process right now but no walls yet. I have a neighbours doing it for me Thank goodness he wants no money until it is done! I am just buying materials as needed. Sending hugs to you!

  2. Wow, congrats on your ribbons, great job and so sorry to hear about your bathroom, layout looks great though!

  3. Great LO, Suzanne -- love the colors and that patterned background paper is fantastic! Congrats on the ribbons and teaching gig and so sorry to hear about your remodeling nightmare. Hope it all works out soon!

  4. Suzanne, congrats on your good, and oh the bad is bad because it really puts a dent in our faith in contractors, even when you do the homework, hope it all works out for the best and you are spa treating yourself soon, hugs

  5. Congrats on all the ribbons and the class! So sorry about the bathroom. I do love the layouts.

  6. Hi Suzanne, Stopping by to say Hi:)Congrats on the good and I'm sorry to hear about the bad and I hope it all works uout well for you!!

  7. Oh Suzanne - that's awful!!! In today's economy, you wouldn't expect that from a contractor either :( So sorry you had to deal with that!

    WOW!! Look at your ribbons! That is awesome and you so deserve them .. great news on your classes to!!

    Everything can only get better from here!!

  8. Well Suz, you certainly had the good, the bad and the ugly covered my friend. Good news is you rocked it out at the fair, the bad is the darn contractor and the ugly is your poor bathroom right now...but the good is one day you will have a beautiful, spa-like bathroom and then you will have beautiful pics to put on this oh so cute layout! Nice job on the layout my friend!!! Hang in there! Hugs!