Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beach Baby layout #2 of the Birthday Girl

Today we are having a big Hello Kitty birthday party for my first born granddaughter Katie.  That day January 4th changed my life. Being a grammy means everything to me.  I love my three granddaughters so much and they are such a blessing to me.  
I love these pictures of Katie taken at the beach with her daddy.  She is so adventurous and playful.  
I can't wait to have all my granddaughters in the house today playing and having fun.  
So Happy Birthday Katie.  Grammy and Papa love you so much!
This was the first one I did for a contest.


  1. Beautiful layouts! Grandbabies are the bestest!

  2. Such cuteness :) Grammy doesn't spoil them at all now does she????? lol