Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been seeing some really cute clocks on the Messageboard so decided to make one of my own for my craft room.  Got the clock at Target last week for only $3 and the plastic cover comes off easily.  I cut a 7 1/4 " circle with George out of background paper and then made a slit to center so I could put it around hands.  The letters were cut at 1 1/2 " from Everyday Cricut.    It  says Time  2 Craft.  Between the words I used the blank Cricut head.  I punched 1 inch pink circles to make the letters stand out.  I cut the Gone Buggy at 4 inches and slit it also to put around hands.  Then added the antennae to the back of the clock.  (Sorry I forget what size I cut the antennae.)  This will be fun to hang in my craft room.

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  1. What an idea, its so cute! love it
    debfoti @ www.scrappingmamma.net