Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the go- Page Map sketch layouts

This  is a layout I did a couple weeks ago for a Page Map Contest.  I didn't win but loved the sketch and love the way the layout came out.  These are pictures of my granddaughter Kenzie sneaking through the side of the gate on the stairs.  She was downstairs and all of a sudden she was upstairs so we watched to see what she did and caught these pictures.  The third picture is when she learned to open the gate at her aunt's house.  
Here is the second page of more assorted pics of Kenzie playing, 
eating and riding a race car at the mall.  
Another closeup


  1. Cute lo's Suzanne! I love how she is squeezing through the gate, to funny! Aren't they smart little buggers?!

  2. Kids can be so sneaky - when they want to get somewhere they just work it out and go for it. They are great escape artists:-) These layouts are lovely.