Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iris folding class at LSS- Apron and moustache

I took my second Iris Folding class at my local scrapbook store last weekend.  The two cards we made are for Grandparents day in September.  I am really enjoying taking these classes.  Many of the patterns the teacher uses are from Cricut so that makes it really handy.  Like this Apron is From My Kitchen. The fun things is the supplies are minimal so you can put your scissors, tape, paper pieces and template in a bag and take it with you.  Here is the link to the Christmas Cards I made at my first class.  I  have  ordered several books with patterns and directions.  There are also sites and patterns online.  


  1. Very cute! Love to see that Cricut cuts are used! Did the instructor make her own template?

  2. What creative cards! Isn't iris folding fun! I love to turn over the finished project and see the results! You might try ribbon, too! It creates a wonderful effect!