Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paper baby bouquet and matching card for new granddaughter

My youngest daughter is due with her 2nd daughter at the end of the month.  However as with the first daughter she is trying to have the baby early.  She spent 7 hours at the hospital yesterday and they got her contractions stopped.  She is now on bed rest.  So I decided I better get busy and get  little paper bouquet made for when the baby arrives.  Most of the cuts came from Baby Steps and a few from New Arrival.  I also made a matching card.  The Believe in Miracles stamp was a $1 stamp from Joanns.  Added scraps of ribbon I trimmed off bows on bouquet under the stamped piece and tiny buttons.  Each time I have made a bouquet for my daughters they keep it up for awhile and then we use the cuts for scrapbook pages.  Still hard to believe I will have 3 precious granddaughters in 18 months.  My how life has changed.  


  1. The bouquet is beautiful Suzanne and I love the matching card! You do have precious Granddaughters my friend and now you are ready for #3!!! Enjoy those bundles of joys!