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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Believe in the Magic of Christmas at Disneyland

I know I know I said I was done with Christmas pictures awhile back but you never know what you will find when you are cleaning your craft desk.  Yesterday one of the grandkids was sick so mommy stayed home and I got part of the day off.  I still had to run Micah to preschool and pick him up.  So I decided to start working on my craft room.  Still have more to do but I have more desk space now which I needed.  
I found a couple little piles of pictures that had disappeared in the pile and been forgotten about.  I found these adorable pictures of my grandkids Kenzie and Micah with mommy and daddy at Disneyland at Christmas.  They got great pictures with Santa, Mickey and the giant tree.  Even though I was right in the middle of another layout I decided to do this one up as I want to put all my Christmas paper out in storage.  
This stack of red, black and white paper I bought last year at Michaels is perfect for Disney pictures.  
Thanks for looking.