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Friday, April 5, 2013

Where I display my mini books

I wanted to share some quick picks of where I keep all my mini books that I haven't given away.  
They were taking over my craft space and always falling so I wanted somewhere to display them.  
I found this great Ikea cabinet on a local facebook site that sells household goods.  Cost me $20 and fits in this space between doors.  Even has a light.  Now they are out of the way, clean and not taking up my craft room space which is of course at a premium.  


  1. Oh this is a fantastic idea. Your minis are amazing, my friend.

  2. What a great idea and they can be seen. Perfect

  3. What a great storage unit. Love the idea of having them on display!

  4. Wow Suz, this is so fabulous!!! I love seeing your mini's displayed like that! So pretty and so organized! What an awesome goodness find! Now I think I need a close-up of each mini! lol, lol Some were looking pretty cool and I don't think I've seen some of them! Hugs my friend!

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