Monday, February 14, 2011

More Valentine Cards this time with Robotz cart.  I had to make these up quickly today for two neighbor boys 6 and 10.  I will be honest this is first time I used Robotz and loved it.  I had the Robotz paper left from last year.  I made the little fold over cuts on fronts.  Sorry I forgot to take a pic but underneath I stamped Be Mine.  Then on front I used a little mini stamp set to stamp "DO NOT OPEN".  Of course the minute they saw this they had to open it.  On one the wheel held the flap shut but on the other I had to add a little clip.
Quick, simple and they loved them.   Sorry the pics are so blurry but cards are gone so can't retake them.

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  1. I think these cards are adorable Suzanne! Just went I didn't think I wanted a cart, you show me this!! LOL