Monday, December 22, 2014

Mickey and MInnie Wreath with directions for mesh wreaths

Today I would like to share a wreath I made for Christmas.  The Mickey and Minnie files are from PPbn  Designs. Below I have included directions for how I make these wreaths.  For this one the ornaments, ribbon, mesh and candy canes came from Hobby Lobby 
How I make my mesh wreaths -  You will need about 50-80 total  feet of 2 1/2" wired mesh and ribbon.  It needs to be wired to keep its shape.   
I start with a straw wreath.  The best size is 16 or 18 inches.   If smaller you need to make pieces shorter and if larger you will need more mesh and or ribbon. 
I unwrap the plastic from the wreath and then wrap mesh around it to cover the straw.  This can be messy so do outside or over a trash can.  I hook with wreath (greening) pins into straw.  This is a necessary step as I have had wreaths fall apart when I started to pin if not tied well by company and it is also hard to push pins through plastic.  And it looks prettier.  :)
Before starting I cut a long piece of thin floral wire and loop through wreath then make a circle for hanging by wrapping two ends until I can loop over and form a circle to use as a hangar.
For the ribbon decorating I use the 2 1/2 " deco mesh  ribbon.   I especially like the wired mesh 60 foot rolls at Hobby Lobby that are 9.99 in Christmas section but almost always 1/2 off.  There are also  20 foot deco mesh rolls in the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby usually on end cap.  Michaels and Joanns also have 2 1/2 inch mesh.  I pick 2 to 3 colors depending on color scheme.  I use 20 to 30 feet of each color depending on if there are 2 or 3 colorsI also add ribbon using the 2 1/2"  wired ribbon to match color schemes.  I usually use patterns that go together as mesh are solid colors.  I might use two or three different ribbons 20 feet each. 
I now take the first mesh color and cut 20 pieces at 12 inches each.  They can be slightly more or less. 
I then fold each 12 " piece in 1/2 and pinch edges together.  I take a roll of thin floral wire and wrap the ends 3 times about 1/2 an inch from end making sure to catch both ends of ribbon.  I then cut wire off.  .  I sit and do this while watching tv and throw in a box as you will have a bunch.  I continue until all 20 are done. 
After I have about 40- 60 mesh  loops   I am ready to start attaching them to wreath.  I pull the loop taking care not to pull out of wire to make a circle and then pin with wreath wire over the wired section into the wreath.  I put one at top and one at bottom then divide others into two groups for each side.  That way they are evenly distributed.  I randomly place middle, inside edge and outer edge.  Then fill in next color or next two colors. 
I then continue with my regular wired ribbon following the same process. 
If I am not happy with the fullness I will add more.  It usually takes 50-80 feet. 
Next I use deco edge tubing of several colors.  One or two bags are good.  Some are fatter so takes less and some is skinnier so I might double up and then wire.  I cut 12 inches pieces of deco edge tubing and again wire edges together and  push into wreath with wreath pins spreading around filling in holes.  You will not see  much of straw wreath if you fluff out.
I then add ornaments, cutouts, and any other decorations I want with glue gun.  If I want something in center it is hung with wire.   I use a lot of bells, ornaments, etc from dollar stores.  I also use PPbN cutouts. 
To store I cover with a large trash bag, tie shut and hang from nail in garage.  When you remove to use just use your hand to round ribbons out again.  

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  1. I can't even begin to understand how you made this wreath Suzanne, but I know that I sure do love it! It's so cute!! I bet it is even prettier in real life. Merry Christmas my friend! Hugs Brenda