Sunday, December 28, 2014

Disney strikes again (No more PPBN "character"files)

It is with very mixed emotions I share these layouts today with files from PPBN.  
I love the files and cuts and they way the layouts came out 
but they will no longer be available for sale. 
As of a few days ago Disney has asked Nikki to take down all her "characters" and she is complying.  So these adorable Frozen and Maleficent files are not going to be available 
anymore along with many other adorable cuts.  
Yea I understand Disney's side, I love Disney for many reasons and even got a year pass from my family for Christmas this year.  I just wish they would figure out a way to work with a designer to provide files for SVG cuts and not just Provo Craft.  There are so many people who want to make Disney scrapbook pages  it would be nice to have a way to do it and make Disney and the customers happy.  I  love PPBN designs and will definitely continue with my membership.  NIkki is so talented and works hard.  Her subscription is the best deal around for only $7 a month 
you get 60 files that are oh so cute.   
Here is a link to Nikki's post on the PPBN facebook site HERE
I am sure other sites will be be getting notifications too. 
 As for myself I will be pulling all layouts I have available in kits and completed layouts using PPBN and similar site files.  I know you will all understand this decision.  

The first layout is For the first time in forever with my granddaughter Kenzie 

This is grandaughter Kenzie and mom in Maleficent hat with the Maleficent diecut.   

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that news Suzanne. Your layouts are awesome!! Hugs, Brenda