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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Organized my craft room again.

My scrap room is always a work in progress but recently I did some serious revamping.  
This id the shelf as you walk in  the door.  Full of embellishments by category in these free white boxes a friend gives me.  They fit perfectly on the shelf.  I also use photo boxes for themes I need more room.  Above is ribbon in jars and Washi and twine.  
This is view from inside room back toward bookcase.  Above that is two ribbon racks and jars of flowers.  Behind it I have my daughters old changing table which acts as cutting station, cuttlebug storage and other items . My twine is now located in a spinning spice jar which really is perfect for it.  
Inside closet.  I took off door and use a chevron sheet to cover. 
Lots of misc. goodies in here.  
Jewelery container I keep lace and fancy trim  Hangs where ever I put it and has room on both sides. 
Embossing folders organized in three baskets by theme, type, size, etc.  I have two rings with samples of each.  
Cutting station and twine. 
Paper storage 
Beginning of Martha Stewart wall and more embellishments, brads, etc.  
Blue tub is for new items so they are handy then they get sorted into other containers later.  
Baskets on top right I used to put things in when I am working on a project or throw things there when done to put away.  Also home for lots of goodies in three tired basket, Xyron and small punches. 

Martha Stewart wall on Ikea Bygel rods 
I know I know I have a problem.  
Holiday ones are in boxes in closet.
My Ikea desk has a side piece but I am adding a board to it for my room.  The plastic container on the left is my cart full of Cricut handbooks, Under the desk top there is a  hidden space where I can set pages to dry.  Things like that.  I plan to pain the board soon but wanted to try it our first. 
This is main part of desk with Silhouette, tools, Stickles, buttons, etc. 
Things I need hands on 

Stamps, DVD, tv and my window to the outside world. 
My E2 amd  Imagine on my Ikea rolling cart.  Inside these drawers are mats, carts, stamp pads, scrap paper.  
Somehow didn't take pictures of two huge cabinets on last side of room.  One houses are home computer and printer.  The other my misc craft items, stamps, and all sorts of stuff.  

This is on other side of computer cabinet where I keep small stacks on a skinny Ikea shelf

Right outside my door we have a landing and there on this open shelf I keep projects I am working on for the Scrapbook store where I teach.  I the basket stand (which used to be for yarn) I keep more ribbon.  

This is bookshelf right outside door.  Here I keep Glimmer Mist, Cricut Magazines, and two shelves of idea books.  Plus paper for computer, including photo paper. 
And lastly my DT/class schedule box.  I labeled the DT's with a label maker and then write projects and erase as I finish them.  Really helps a lot to keep organized.  


  1. Wow Suzanne, you have everything organized so well my friend! Wanna come organize me?!! Please!! lol I am so impressed with your wall of punches!!! OMGosh that's a lot of punches! Your studio is perfect!! Hugs!

  2. omg - how do you know what and where EVERYTHING is? I guess that is why you have revamped it. Would love to come and play in your craft room - oh what fun...