Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My surprise meeting with Julie Nutting

The last few days I have been posting pictures of the Southern California Shop Hop.  Forty one stores are participating for 2 1/2 weeks and I was lucky enough to go to 10 of them the first day.  While down in the LA area we decided to stop by the new Prima outlet.  Let's just say they have some amazing deals and I bought a ton of flowers for my classes and personal use.  
Here is the outside 
So this was the best part of my Shop Hop day.  While in the outlet checking out all the flowers the store manager asked if I liked the Prima paper doll stamps made by Julie Nutting.  I very positively said yes and told her I was planning on taking a class from Julie in November when she was in my area.  So the manager then said had I ever met her and did I know what she looked like and I said not really.  Her response was what if she was in the store and I pointed to a lady next to me and said like if this was her?  I said no I wouldn't know and the manager said well guess what it is!!!!!  I practically lost it.  Julie was really nice and allowed my friends to take my picture with her even though she was planning to just run in and out of the store.  What a great surprise this was for me.  Can't wait for her class in November.  

Just imagine rows and rows of flowers. 


  1. Suzanne, your work is amazing!! I hope you don't mind, but I featured YOU over at the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge blog!!! Come stop by and check it out!!

    Isn't the shop hop amazing!! My mom, auntie and I participate in northwest shop hop!! It is so much fun getting to see all the stores!! So jealous you got to stop by the Prima outlet!!! ;) Looks like you had a BLAST!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  2. I'm so jelious ! We have lost most of our scrapebooking stores. They seem to all closed post the new year.
    I have an idea to share. Check out a new app , well new to me , called craft cabinet . I been using it not only to organize but to store pictures of craft ideas. Might be usefull on this fabulous trip of yours ! Have fun for all of us .

  3. This was so cool Suzanne and how lucky of you to get to meet Julie!! You have me hooked on those Prima Dolls too, I think they are just as cute as they can be!! I'm so glad that you are getting to hob nob with the "rich and famous" my friend! Hugs!