Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my crafty friends. I hope 2015 
brings you many blessings. health, laughter and fun.  
I will be gone for a few days to the Happiest Place on Earth with part of my family
as part of my New Year.   My family got me a year pass so I can go with them more this year.  
Then we will be celebrating my oldest grandaughters 5th birthday this weekend.  So hard to believe she is already 5 but that little girl changed my life.  Being a grammy is the best and now I have 4 little blessings  to love and cherish.  
So Happy New Year and may you be blessed in 2015.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Candy cane wreath- my last one for this year

This is my last post of Christmas wreaths and or decorations for this year.  My daughter asked me to make her a red and white wreath for her this year.  I went with the red, white and silver mesh.  Red and white ribbon, ornaments, candy cane ornaments and the mesh loops which I love.  
The red bell I got at the Dollar Store.

I had forgotten that the condo where they now live had a red door so was thrilled how it looked on the door.  Megan's family loves the wreath and will enjoy it for many years to come.    If you still want directions for these wreaths you will find it on this post. 

                                                  MESH WREATH DIRECTIONS

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Disney strikes again (No more PPBN "character"files)

It is with very mixed emotions I share these layouts today with files from PPBN.  
I love the files and cuts and they way the layouts came out 
but they will no longer be available for sale. 
As of a few days ago Disney has asked Nikki to take down all her "characters" and she is complying.  So these adorable Frozen and Maleficent files are not going to be available 
anymore along with many other adorable cuts.  
Yea I understand Disney's side, I love Disney for many reasons and even got a year pass from my family for Christmas this year.  I just wish they would figure out a way to work with a designer to provide files for SVG cuts and not just Provo Craft.  There are so many people who want to make Disney scrapbook pages  it would be nice to have a way to do it and make Disney and the customers happy.  I  love PPBN designs and will definitely continue with my membership.  NIkki is so talented and works hard.  Her subscription is the best deal around for only $7 a month 
you get 60 files that are oh so cute.   
Here is a link to Nikki's post on the PPBN facebook site HERE
I am sure other sites will be be getting notifications too. 
 As for myself I will be pulling all layouts I have available in kits and completed layouts using PPBN and similar site files.  I know you will all understand this decision.  

The first layout is For the first time in forever with my granddaughter Kenzie 

This is grandaughter Kenzie and mom in Maleficent hat with the Maleficent diecut.   

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Frozen fans check this out

Well as I am sure many of you are Frozen fans as my grandkids are I decided to make a Frozen wreath for one of my granddaughters.  All the cuts are from PPBN designs cut at 5 inches and I collected them in a swap.  The directions for the mesh wreaths are found HERE.  
This one has snowflakes and snowballs on it too.  
Closeup below 

Here is another wreath I made in the Frozen theme but did not use the cut outs.  
I loved making wreaths this year.   

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cookies for Santa plates for grandkids

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.  Today I wanted to share my favorite little cooking elves.  This year I made plates and milk glasses using a Silhouette America file.  You can see the plate and milk glass in the first picture.  The grandkids are dressed in their elf aprons and hats ready to cook their cookies for Santa.  Aren't they so cute!

This pic is Kenzie 4 and  Micah 2 

This is Katie 4  (soon to be 5)  and Britt 3.  

This is the picture we got of the grandkids with me.  I am not sure which is the hardest to believe- that they are all in one picture or that I am in the picture since I am usually taking the pictures.  
The kids all had to hold their special creatures.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas ornaments for this year

Here are some of the ornaments I made this year for family and friends.  The first group I saw on a facebook group.  They are found my searching for stained glass images of Disney characters etc.  I added them to my Silhouette mat and then printed and cut them at 3 inches.  They are rolled to put into ornaments and then I added snow, glitter or stars and attached a ribbon on top.  
I also made these ornaments.  The files for these also came from a facebook site.  
The heartbeat of a Disney addict is cut from vinyl and added to star.  The Disney confetti one is Mickey shoes, heads, pants and gloves cut and put into ornaments.  

The last one is Jack using a file from PPBN designs.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mickey and MInnie Wreath with directions for mesh wreaths

Today I would like to share a wreath I made for Christmas.  The Mickey and Minnie files are from PPbn  Designs. Below I have included directions for how I make these wreaths.  For this one the ornaments, ribbon, mesh and candy canes came from Hobby Lobby 
How I make my mesh wreaths -  You will need about 50-80 total  feet of 2 1/2" wired mesh and ribbon.  It needs to be wired to keep its shape.   
I start with a straw wreath.  The best size is 16 or 18 inches.   If smaller you need to make pieces shorter and if larger you will need more mesh and or ribbon. 
I unwrap the plastic from the wreath and then wrap mesh around it to cover the straw.  This can be messy so do outside or over a trash can.  I hook with wreath (greening) pins into straw.  This is a necessary step as I have had wreaths fall apart when I started to pin if not tied well by company and it is also hard to push pins through plastic.  And it looks prettier.  :)
Before starting I cut a long piece of thin floral wire and loop through wreath then make a circle for hanging by wrapping two ends until I can loop over and form a circle to use as a hangar.
For the ribbon decorating I use the 2 1/2 " deco mesh  ribbon.   I especially like the wired mesh 60 foot rolls at Hobby Lobby that are 9.99 in Christmas section but almost always 1/2 off.  There are also  20 foot deco mesh rolls in the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby usually on end cap.  Michaels and Joanns also have 2 1/2 inch mesh.  I pick 2 to 3 colors depending on color scheme.  I use 20 to 30 feet of each color depending on if there are 2 or 3 colorsI also add ribbon using the 2 1/2"  wired ribbon to match color schemes.  I usually use patterns that go together as mesh are solid colors.  I might use two or three different ribbons 20 feet each. 
I now take the first mesh color and cut 20 pieces at 12 inches each.  They can be slightly more or less. 
I then fold each 12 " piece in 1/2 and pinch edges together.  I take a roll of thin floral wire and wrap the ends 3 times about 1/2 an inch from end making sure to catch both ends of ribbon.  I then cut wire off.  .  I sit and do this while watching tv and throw in a box as you will have a bunch.  I continue until all 20 are done. 
After I have about 40- 60 mesh  loops   I am ready to start attaching them to wreath.  I pull the loop taking care not to pull out of wire to make a circle and then pin with wreath wire over the wired section into the wreath.  I put one at top and one at bottom then divide others into two groups for each side.  That way they are evenly distributed.  I randomly place middle, inside edge and outer edge.  Then fill in next color or next two colors. 
I then continue with my regular wired ribbon following the same process. 
If I am not happy with the fullness I will add more.  It usually takes 50-80 feet. 
Next I use deco edge tubing of several colors.  One or two bags are good.  Some are fatter so takes less and some is skinnier so I might double up and then wire.  I cut 12 inches pieces of deco edge tubing and again wire edges together and  push into wreath with wreath pins spreading around filling in holes.  You will not see  much of straw wreath if you fluff out.
I then add ornaments, cutouts, and any other decorations I want with glue gun.  If I want something in center it is hung with wire.   I use a lot of bells, ornaments, etc from dollar stores.  I also use PPbN cutouts. 
To store I cover with a large trash bag, tie shut and hang from nail in garage.  When you remove to use just use your hand to round ribbons out again.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back to my neglected blog with Julie Nutting tags

It's been 4 months since I posted on my blog, but I have decided I really need to get busy and start posting again. I seriously thought about changing the name of my blog too.  I considered dropping the cricut since I now use my Silhouette more than any of my Cricut machines but decided to keep my blog name the same.  So here I am back to bloggin.  
I have made some changes  and hope you like the look.  
To the question- have I been crafting?  Yes I have been very busy.   I did two boutiques for Christmas and have been teaching and creating kits at Just Kitting Studio in Newbury Park, California.  Just Kitting Studio has also gone through some changes and is now called Busy Bees Studio.  I have been busy creating scrapbook kits for the website www.justskittingstudio.  I would love for you to check it out and share this with your crafty friends.  
One of the classes I taught at Just Kitting Studio recently was this Julie Nutting doll tag class.  We made three tags and there are still kits available for only $20 with everything included.  
There is a Halloween doll tag, a boy tag and a Christmas tag.  These can be used as tags, made into cards or used on scrapbook pages.  

The Halloween tag was made using chalkboard paper, Halloween paper with small print,  stamps, crocheted ribbon, Halloween ribbon, tiny clothespin, black gems and a small spider embellishment.  
For the boy tag I used scraps of paper, burlap, bottle cap,  metal embellishments,Tim Holtz embellishment stickers , Distress ink and letter stickers.  
The Christmas doll was made from last years Doodlebug paper, candy and Christmas light embellishments, tulle, snowball ribbon and stickers,
I used Prima tags for the base.